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Earth to all newbies like myself!
Doesn’t it annoy you when you have to get approve a comment? Stupid Moderation!!! You sometimes go days without looking at your email and then days laters a comment needs to be approved.

Well I have the solution! You guys ready for it?

How to disable comment moderation in WordPress

Login to wordpress account. Go to Option main tab, then select Discussion sub-tab.
Uncheck (no tick) the following two options:

* An administrator must always approve the comment
* Comment author must have a previously approved comment

Tada! =D

Posted by: Nerd | January 27, 2010

Awkward!! Haha

Penis and Fat Cop don’t work together, although judging by the guys poor reaction it seems that these two could go a long way!

Posted by: Nerd | January 27, 2010


What is being taught to these school children these days! Offence to all NERDS!
Anyone else feel offended?

Posted by: Nerd | January 27, 2010

I Have a Question

Can an Astronomist profoundly believe in Catholicism?
Reason I ask is because of creation stories. Big Bang an astronomist would obviously believe in right? But then theres God’s creation story; Adam and Eve.

Hm… I’d be quite fascinated to hear your responses. Please comments guys!

Say whats up to your mothers for me… A Nerd..out!

Posted by: Nerd | January 26, 2010

Tell Me!

Guys whats the best and funniest pick up line you guys have ever heard! Comment me telling me your favourites.

My favourite pickup line is:

If I were sine squared and you were cosine squared together we’d be one.

Haha you gotta love nerdy pick up lines! 🙂

Posted by: Nerd | January 26, 2010

Im feeling NERDY today!

Hmm.. what about black and nerdy?

Posted by: Nerd | January 26, 2010


Can anyone tell me why Indians seem to be the subject of violent attacks? I don’t understand, everytime I pick up a newspaper there’s always a new attac on an Indian student. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?!? I’m not even Indian but c’mon guys, they are destroying nerds! Nerds are the future. Surely this is a racial thing. I think we have established that in society. But why are they being targeted more than any other race?
Please guys comment and tell me what you guys think.

I have to say Indians are some of the coolest people I know. They are everywhere these days. Sooner or later there going to have relocate New Delhi for sure and have signs saying watch out for Indians rather than kangaroo’s. I love Indians! They are everywhere! Indians are the ones picking up your phone call when you are calling Telstra and Optus. Always seem to be the ones fixing computers and doing your taxes at a discounted price. But best of all, so many of them are cab drivers. Haha. Striking up a conversation with them is awesome. It’s Legen…wait for it.. DARY!

In all seriousness, We need Indians. The last thing we want is all the Indians fleeing the country. Just think about it, who will give you discounted prices at your nearest 7/11. I know all you guys do! 🙂

Comment me guys!

Posted by: Nerd | January 26, 2010

Fat Tax?
Read this guys! I must say I completely approve of this fat tax.

“What about meeting the needs of the person who has to sit next to these large people? They pay for a seat, not half a seat. We dont want our personal space being invaded. If they have a problem its simple, lose the weight. If not pay for two seats. Its their own fault for being so large, why do they require our sympathy?”(Gary Wallock)

Gary I have to agree. We also do pay for a seat and nothing more, nothing less. Don’t you just hate it when a large person is sitting next to you. Not just on planes, just in general. Talk about invading personal space. Some people may argue and say thats discrimination and ask why skinny people don’t get half a seat. Thats because we pay for one full seat! If an overly large person also pays for one seat, then the poor guy next to him/her only gets half of what he paid for. Duh! think about it.

Wooo go the Fat Tax!

Posted by: Nerd | January 26, 2010

Religion is Bullshit!?

Quite intense…what do you guys think?
Now im not a religion believer myself but I wouldn’t go out and disrespect it like that.

A question that I have been longing to ask is: Can astronomists believe Catholicism?
Guys comment me telling me what you think

Posted by: Nerd | January 26, 2010


This is one painful video. It’s funny because, although its painful, even for you whilst sitting infront of the computer, you feel the need to watch it again and again. Or maybe I’m just very peculiar? Who knows. Haha :]

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