Posted by: Nerd | January 26, 2010

Fat Tax?
Read this guys! I must say I completely approve of this fat tax.

“What about meeting the needs of the person who has to sit next to these large people? They pay for a seat, not half a seat. We dont want our personal space being invaded. If they have a problem its simple, lose the weight. If not pay for two seats. Its their own fault for being so large, why do they require our sympathy?”(Gary Wallock)

Gary I have to agree. We also do pay for a seat and nothing more, nothing less. Don’t you just hate it when a large person is sitting next to you. Not just on planes, just in general. Talk about invading personal space. Some people may argue and say thats discrimination and ask why skinny people don’t get half a seat. Thats because we pay for one full seat! If an overly large person also pays for one seat, then the poor guy next to him/her only gets half of what he paid for. Duh! think about it.

Wooo go the Fat Tax!


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