Posted by: Nerd | January 27, 2010

I Have a Question

Can an Astronomist profoundly believe in Catholicism?
Reason I ask is because of creation stories. Big Bang an astronomist would obviously believe in right? But then theres God’s creation story; Adam and Eve.

Hm… I’d be quite fascinated to hear your responses. Please comments guys!

Say whats up to your mothers for me… A Nerd..out!



  1. The best question is not “in Catholism”, but it should be “In the Bible”.
    The answer is NO.
    Every Astronomist who believe in the big bang theory do not believe in the bible. You know why? They do not understand the word of God. For example, about the seven days creation. All or majority of Catholics believes that the creation was done in seven Earth days. But if you thoroughly study the bible, this is not so. The first and the second days of creation is not of earth days but of God’s day. The earth that was stated in Genesis 1:2, is NOT our earth, BUT God’s earth. Take note, in Gen.1:1, To create such vast of heaven ,and galaxies ,and all planets, will take trillions and trillions of earth years. Take note also of Gen. 1:5 about the light, it is differrent from the light in Gen. 1:15-16, and take note, that is was created in the fourth day, while the light in Gen. 1:5 was created in the first day.
    Because of their ignorance in the word of God, some of the Astronomist and scientist made mistakes, like Darwin, in concluding that the Bible is just a book that should not be believed on.
    If there is anything that you want to know in the bible concerning salvation, feel free to ask. I will just be glad to elaborate it to you.

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