Posted by: Nerd | January 26, 2010

Hey Nerdlings!

Hey Guys!

I must ask who else feels like they have an inner nerd? I cannot be alone right? Send us a msg from where you are, i’d be interested to know.

So about me, well I love doing Math and Physics but not too much. I dont have an obsession with it, its just being good at it makes me enjoy it and being in my final year in high school I really have no choice. So anyway, I must say I love Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. The Humour in both is very different. With Big Bang Theory it is more complicated due to its incorporation of the Physics world. Who would’ve thought geeks and comedy could mix so well? On the other hand, How I met Your Mother is very different. The producers haven’t tried to do anything fancy with it, just your typical humour which everybody loves. It is just legen….wait for it…dary! (Barney Stinson)

Keep in touch guys! I’ll be doing a comparison of these great shows soon.

A Nerd…out!


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